Why do we do this?

As Fitness instructors I think that sometimes we get carried away with the politics of clubs, who’s got the fullest classes, who gets paid what and are we keeping losing classes ect.

The just as we begin to lose our way moaning that we aren’t earning enough and everything has gone up.  One of our clients comes along and gives you a good kick up the arse and reminds you why you love doing what you do because you make their lives better one way or another.

On a previous blog I have spoken about taking people away from their every day life (What Makes a Hero?) but the other reason we do it is to improve the quality of peoples lives.

Recently after a BODYVIVE™ class I was chatting to a couple of my class members in the bar afterwards.

One of the ladies was so excited.

Since doing BODYVIVE™ with me once a week for the previous month she is now able to bend down and pick up the post off of the floor. She said it seemed silly but it obviously was a very big and inspiring achievement for her.

Apparently she used to kick the post along the floor at work till she was out of sight to be able to lean on something to get down to pick it up.  As it was to embarrassing to have to lean on a chair to get it.

Of course that’s just a narcissistic way of looking at things but obviously important to her.  But the implications are so much bigger.  I take it for granted as do probably a great many of us that we can stand on one foot and put on my socks or shoes without having lean against anyone or anything for support or even with out having to sit down.

This lady is well on her way to being able to do that and it makes me buzz to know that I have been a part of that journey and I have helped her to make her quality of life so much better and eventually more productive.

Sometimes when we see people every week we don’t always see the big changes that are happening in front of us as to us they are happening little by little.

But sometimes the smallest changes can have the greatest impact on people’s lives.  I hope my classes continue to remind me why I do what I do.

So why do we do what we do?


About lukekatt

Ex Pro Dancer, Personal Trainer, Group Fitness Instructor, Assessor, Les Mills Junkie, Zumba, Snowboarder, novice Kitesurfer & self confessed short arse and loud mouth. I posted some of these articles under an alter ego but have moved some of the relevant ones here and then added more.
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